HostWithLinux 被 HostUS 收购了,就在今天凌晨收到HostWithLinux发来的邮件,通知HostWithLinux(以下简称HWL)已被HostUS收购,其中HWL老用户已购买的服务将被转到HostUS下管理,并且价格等保质不变,在HWL中的账户余额也会被转到HostUS。


HostWithLinux Merger – Important Information

Dear ***,

Effective today, HostWithLinux is now part of We are pleased to announce some upcoming changes that will help us to better maintain customer service and server performance.

HostWithLinux customers will benefit from:
1、24/7 Customer Support
2、Selection of datacenter locations – 7 locations on 4 different continents
3、Expanded service offerings (shared hosting, reseller hosting, OpenVZ VPS, managed OpenVZ VPS, dedicated servers, etc.)

Account Migration

HostWithLinux customers will be migrated to HostUS servers at the very end of 2015 or during the first quarter of 2016. We will coordinate account changes including new panel login information for each customer. Customers will receive updates via email(s) throughout the migration process.

Prices and Products
HostWithLinux customers will continue to receive services they have already paid for
All plan prices will remain the same for existing customers after the transition to HostUS
Account credits with HostWithLinux will be usable towards future HostUS services

About HostUS
HostUS is a web hosting provider incorporated in Delaware, USA. We offer shared cPanel hosting, reseller cPanel hosting, unmanaged OpenVZ VPS, and fully managed OpenVZ VPS

We provide services to thousands of customers and would be happy to serve you!

To learn more about our services please visit


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